Husband has an affair how to obtain evidence of an affair

外遇診療室When marriage, like wang calm water, there is no surge of passion, marriage often the most vulnerable to the crisis, when his wife discovered her husband suddenly became quiet, stealth, overhead gets bigger, between the couple also lost all interest in life, and so on unusual expression, then one thing:外遇蒐證 the husband had an affair. Once this problem becomes a thorn in the wife’s heart, it will make people sleep and eat uneasily. Husband had an affair how should do after all? Face once walked hand in hand time, is to give up or strive for? Or should you get evidence of an affair first? A difficult choice包二奶 made it difficult for his wife. Faced with this problem, some women will choose friends to help analyze, a small number of women will tell their families, but most of them will seek the help of private detectives, such as Shanghai private detectives, after all, they have contact with a lot of cases, an捉姦抓姦d professional legal knowledge can also answer questions for female friends. Usually, the investigation company will carry on the following work to carry on the affair investigation evidence: 1, to the marriage status carries on the analysis. While her husband was having an affair has become a fact that抓姦 is hard to change, but not all couples can divorce because of this, it depends on what is the state of marriage of husband and wife, do you have the possibility of the SLATE, wife’s willingness to forgive the husband was stupid, and so on, determine the goal of things to the next survey work. 2. Invest感情破壞igation and evidence collection. When it comes to evidence, this should be very cautious. Because of involving personal privacy, the company used by the survey method should be in accordance with the provisions of the law for cheating people cheating behavior and personal data of the third party, must c感情挽回arry on the reasonable evidence collection, because if the wife choose to give up this period of unfortunate marriage, so, these through legal means to collect information and evidence for his wife’s divorce there will be a great benefit. 3. Active peripheral investigation. Through the investigation of 個人行蹤監控the husband and the outside life circle of the third party, we can determine the fact of extramarital affair and whether the husband has cohabitation, transfer property and other facts. If he cohabited with a third party, he should get evidence of illegal cohabitation in time. Therefore, the seriousness婚外情調查 of the matter is relatively high. It is better for two people to negotiate to get this evidence. Husband has an affair, most women just want to get evidence, and this evidence just want to limit the possibility of the next affair, but there are a few people will take this evidence divorce, in the prope外遇蒐證rty division advantage.


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