Private detective, the schoolgirl threw herself at me

屏東徵信社推薦I know that there are a large number of schoolgirls who adore and even like me because of the individuality and excellence of the lectures; but a teacher who can bear the adoration of her pupils, and therefore apply it, seems to me mean. So I don’t have a lot to do with my current students. Su wen is my former student, once graduated work for a long time has been 29 years old, she works in a large Japanese capital company, but not like today’s ordinary small white collars like the city, she likes, is to study ancient myths, for this, she often to me this ancient literature teacher for advice. As soon as we asked for advice, we had to call each other frequently. Su wen often said that she had disturbed me, and then asked me to have dinner or coffee. In practice, su wen is a typical man dream lover appearance, she reminds me, “the book of songs” in the water side of the woman, that is, she, so, when she said she disturbed me, she did not know, received her phone call and answer any of her questions, is my most favorite thing. She is a person who has no sense of direction. Every time she goes out, she basically does not recognize anything. She always clutches my arm tightly, as if without me, she has no backbone, and she will be lost in the glass of the city. Have to mention my wife, she is a French cosmetic company in Shanghai’s public relations manager, competent, high income, meticulous, proving that I often feel I am beside her is her “Mrs.” she is my “Sir”, she respect my knowledge, exterior宜蘭徵信社推薦 appearance a few some dismiss my income. Su wen, on the other hand, could do very well in the company she started. She must have her talent. Besides, she was very meek and knew how to act petulantly. Wait to buy a sheet to sit on *** car cent, she can lean in my bosom like a kitten, the face is pressed in my chest, I hug her, have a normal man to wonderful woman’s hope, I want to kiss her, more can imagine this woman’s delicate skin has how elastic. I basic didn’t look at her, however, more can’t look straight into her eyes, because another voice prompt me, seven years, seven years Su Wen constantly regard me as her idol and flesh life mentor, if I were to move her, not only broke through a student to teacher’s respect and admiration, also destroye台東徵信社推薦d the ethics laws, it really is gain and loss for me. So I just pat su wen, hope she had a good dream, can be in my arms. In April this year, I went to nanjing with Su Wen, she and I were invited to participate in an ancient literature seminar, on both sides of the shanghai-nanjing expressway, there are vast of oleander in full bloom, white pink, as in the wind, the car stopped on the way to rest, I went out of the car with Su Wen lounge, the two of us a cup of iced coffee, with two crowded with straw, head to head in a drinking cup, much like a couple close, but I know that we are not, we or two strains oleander is south in April, just, one pink, one white, I color of flowers blossom forever forever, This life we can only be like this, their fragra警民徵信社BLOGnce, each other!


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