The wife is not a virgin. Whose is it?

USDTLast year, we met in one early autumn afternoon, she is very tall, looks very strong, ha ha, I am a thin man, should be able to put it this way, I’m online, she works in a station, be very happy to talk about that day, then slowly development down, well years ago we got married), all very happy, by the way, I am conservative and know her before has always been a virgin, though occasionally seen some Japanese small action, but there was no real private detective and women happened anything, she is my first time, is also my first. I like her very much and love her. — — — — — before meeting her at the time, my father is cancer, in the hospital management, but I never dare to tell her the truth, for fear of also want to the old woman, hearing this, is the cancer, just break up with me directly, afraid of later days burden is heavy, although this years I earned some money, don’t worry about that, but I still afraid to tell her, afraid she like former girlfriend, the reality of this, but her mother, still put forward to buy a house,TRX not to buy a house is to not let married, in the end I agreed to buy the house, because I can afford, so the development of our smoothly down, Maybe is an act of god, the father has always been very concerned about my marriage, I was 27.8 years old, and still didn’t talk about into a, there has been no back like to let him see, so in recent years, the father often angry with me, sulking and air quality over the years is very bad, my father didn’t read any book since I was a child, can’t distinguish fog haze, although a few times says haze days don’t go out with him, but he still stubborn said yourself to exercise, let us all a wry smile. So unfortunate thing happened, and my father is late lung cancer, but unfortunately surgery, chemotherapy, only when I meet with her, is the father’s last few days, but in the final days of his father in the intensive care unit in the rescue, said she wanted to see for the first time, I didn’t let her go, always in great fear that she might know the truth, heel I break up, I stopped, then father iOKBnto the intensive care unit, already dying, his mother said she would come to, is you can’t run, not you want to leave and do not leave, later that night, I saw my parents take it for the first time she thought that is in the province two hospital intensive care unit, She didn’t have any angry, has been to comfort my mother and I, mother also very happy, I meet a lot of in the heart, I think in this life is her, because she is still in the day before her mother to buy a house, and then in her way home, she said still take money to give your father a doctor first, let’s talk about the first, etc. These things in the past, say other, this is great, I did not say what, but that night, his father walked. When she got home and found out on the phone, she was scared. I reassured her that it was ok. He also said that the father was satisfied that he had seen his daughter-in-law. Later, after my father’s funeral at home, I kept in touch with her. She did not say goodbye to me, but still wanted to stay with me. I decided to buy a house and NEObuild our love nest. Remember before marriage was still in love, one day, she suddenly said to me, she grew up under the inflammation, how many years, went to the hospital to have seen a lot of time, and see the doctor when you need to use things open, plug into medicine, said that if later do not bleed, needless to say I oh, I didn’t care, also smiled and said, no, you can rest assured that these things actually, her mother also told me many times, I didn’t think too much, a private investigator later we have been in a state of a kind of very happy, she became my wife, she is very nice, very polite, by the way, she is a Catholic, I later in order to marry her and into the Catholic church, we bought a house before marriage, and then to obtain the certificate, the fast 2 months before the wedding, we moved to live together, but also so let her early pregnant, began to she is very happy, she was particularly fond of children, especially want to be a mother, I often do the office, so not body row, but still pregnant with, make her hapMOLpy for a while.


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