Even if is to do the third party, can do for a lifetime?

徵信社 跟蹤The thought himself a rare, discovered actually came in and I have a lot of company, used to think oneself is very rare for seven years, such as come in after only to find that I will never just alone, tell me about my story, strict meaning to say I have not thought I was a third party he and I met in the second half of 2001 and in together, at that time, he and I are both single, due to various reasons I together with him in that time is not well, I have the reason, also have him, but I some reason majority, that time I and he is always there are some contradictions, That he later said he was disappointed at our relationship at this time, his former girlfriend back to find him, the woman the appearance of the three or four years before I talked with him for a period of time of be in love, then separate him, with a small company boss in several years, to talk about marriage theory to marry with her boyfriend when suddenly look back to find her former boyfriend, is my boyfriend, says he still fe婦幼徵信社BLOGlt best for himself, want to look back. At that time, because he was disappointed in the relationship between me and him, he went to other places to pick up the other party without informing her that he had a girlfriend and that she wanted to turn back. So she became his girlfriend and I became the other woman. And hate, noisy points, but still not forget him, still no way don’t love him, that, it is more than seven years, the woman is very frequently during all know that I still have contact with him, very frequently quarrelling with him, also often call or send short messages to scold me, some time will use his cell phone as tested me what he sent me text messages, but I didn’t break contact with him. The seven years, in addition to his marriage can’t give me that emotional for me is very good, is also very good to me, is now his confession in front of me at the beginning of excited and the resolution of the immature, but he had formed a family with her, also have children, his character is n婦幼徵信ot the sort of men, thinking about divorce he said that he is guilty, for my to her as well. He asked me what I thought of our relationship, and he said he didn’t know how it would end. He wanted to come to me, but he really didn’t know if I would hate him if I lived my life like this. He said he could see me three or four or more times a month, as he is now, all his life, if I asked, but he knew it was unfair. Said I assume he can go to work outside, I can resign to go with him, he can go home on a regular basis, I don’t mind, assuming that in a few years he lived away from home, I want to have a his children, at least so that if one day I really don’t contact with him, and I have a place I know that he said to a lifetime all to see every month I N not lie to me, but people are become, I this year at the age of 30, wait me forty, fifty, sixty, he was able to do this? Focus at that time his life will be complete transfer to the family, children and work, assuming that when he really no longer a徵信社費用nd I have a contact, how should I do now, so I really want to, if I can have a his children, at least until I don’t contact of that day of, I won’t be so disappointed but I economic conditions and can’t let me a person raising children over the years there are also some people chase, but once told a man very desperate, besides, he also can’t love any man, as if I fall in love with others can once again become disabled and gone and I don’t like with a man for marriage and marriage, Than single but he and I like now, how should do? I’m not afraid I can’t get married in my life, but I have not seen or heard about who will do a third party to stick to a lifetime with each other, if really can like now and his life, that I also recognized, but many examples have proved over the years, or ten years after two people or will it be separated, and mostly the man can’t hold on to that time, how should I do if a his children, that I also like to, but my finances a person can not have children I really feel婦幼徵信社 very disappointed

Here are 9 tips from private detectives for test marriage couples

盈幣寶Bingbon用戶代為操盤風險提示Here are 9 tips from private detectives for test marriage couples. Living this love buried in their own heart! Life is sometimes helpless, life is sometimes cruel, when you feel life like a pool of stagnant water, silent without a circle of ripples, you will panic; When you feel that life is like a dead tree, the air dry can not find a little sign of life, you will palpitate, you are afraid of being forgotten by life, you are afraid of being swallowed up by life, but, because of her existence, your life more than a rainbow after the rain, your life has everywhere green. Every relationship is beautiful, and every ride is intoxicating. Is not to have the regret let us feel more difficult to leave; Is the sleepless miss let the ans feel more attached to the endless. Relationships are a questionnaire with no answers, and pursuing them hard doesn’t necessarily lead to a more fulfilling life. Perhaps there is a little regret, a bit sad, will make this answer more meaningful, longer. Maybe one day old, lying in his rocking chair, the mouth cape will due to recall happy smile, that is I think of you, think of the ans once, if forget, that is I fell asleep, the emotion, only buried in my mind, flowering but not necessarily as a result, the process is better than the last harvest, wrote so many, in the mind also know that some of the feelings, the start is doomed to lose, this is the fate, the only關於IOS用戶使用企業證書的說明-盈幣寶 can do now, is this life the love buried in his heart, until the moment to go to heaven. So many years, I have been clinging to a thing, is not looking back. Don’t regret what you did. Every step of life is to pay a price. I got something I wanted and lost something I didn’t want to lose. But of all the people in this world, who is not like this? Nothing to pray for, the heart has the determination, when the heartache recall the past, vividly in mind, my beloved woman, remember the distance will always have a deep love you in the care of you, even if the ans will never be able to get together, but my heart like light fog will always drift in your world, has been deeply buried in the bottom of my heart. Think you, inadvertently, whenever I think of you, the heart began to twitch. Because you never left, has been living in my soft heart. Without your days, I can only rely on memories support, memories of the ans past, memories of the ans bit by bit. I try to make myself strong, and, the more unable to be strong, want to forget but difficult to forget. The disobedient tears always betray my weakness. Every day, count with you through every footprint, beautiful encounter, hurry to turn around, and then is unable to put care. All say heartless years can take away a lot of things, but why can’t take away my missing to you? Every day? Think of you when some pain, some sweet, some helpless. I re網頁版體驗測試 -盈幣寶ally miss our romantic and romantic time. You gave me instant happiness, but also gave me such a pain, let me want to cry no tears, instant happiness, disappeared very quickly, fast to the I have no time to enjoy, gave a basin of cold water, pouring my suddenly sober, only to find that happiness had flown away, took you away, but I can not find me. Why? Why are two people who are deeply in love so hard to be together? Whether this life can stay together for a while, good love you back opportunity? I don’t care what you look like, I only love your true heart.” Can an can’t, you also can’t, after all the ans all live in the reality, can only but the love buried in the bottom of my heart. Love you, think you, to obsession, but you do not care, as if I never entered your heart; Think of you, miss you, to shed tears, but you do not seem to cherish, as if I have never met you; Love you, cherish you, to the dream, but you never remember, as if you an never together…… Is this distance the furthest distance? And not sad beauty? They say that distance is beautiful, but I hate this distance, because, you and I will never be together, even if love so care, love so cherish; They say that distance is mysterious, but I reject the mystery, because you and I will never be beautiful in the mystery. Miss you of time, I start to take wine to anaesthetize oneself. Always want to drink more, drink what alsUSDT軍備競賽-盈幣寶o do not know the moment, what do not think, but always drunk after waking up and think of a lot of many. There are many ways to sober up, just choose to stop drinking. And the way to wake up to love is nowhere to be found. Finally realize true love a person should be from the bottom of my heart for your blessing. Can only think of you silently. You can out of my vision, but never out of my Yin miss you. You can keep away from my burning flame of love, but you can never keep away from my deep attachment to you. Some things really look at fate, just like the ans did not have fate without points, so can not be together is inevitable. Maybe at first I will be very distressed, very fidgety, not believe in fate. I think as long as the efforts can be together. As long as there is love, nothing can be considered. But gradually found that some things can not be forced, is your total is your, is not how you struggle also of no help, even if together, later will not be happy, just increase sadness. In this lonely lonely rainy season, such a strange and familiar with you, call I how to say that I will love you, this is the most distant distance, have cast me in a solitude, I won’t mention, also won’t repeat this sad, beautiful, I want to do my own back, answer with a smile you don’t care, you, whether can feel frustrated in the heart? This distant distance, this sad beauty, who will not care? Who wi【盈幣寶】-bingbon-台灣上線首月,日交易額突破30億台幣(約1億美元)ll not cherish?

Private detective, wife forced to marry

金門徵信社推薦Private detective, wife forced to marry. I lost my marriage to an old woman nearly 20 years older than me, and that woman is my next door widowed for nearly five years by my respected old lady. She and my husband had sex under my nose every day and their relationship had been going on for three years. I didn’t know that if she hadn’t brazenly forced me to marry her, I wouldn’t have known that I would continue to be a fool for several years. Last night, after dinner, my husband dragged me into the bedroom and knelt down in front of me: I’m sorry for my wife. After eight years of marriage, my husband and I continued to love each other. Sure enough, he and the next door that old woman fool around for more than three years, and that old woman blackmail him: if not divorce, go to his unit make, let him lose his job. In the face of the old woman’s step by step, he had no way, can only confess to me, begged me to cut him a horse at the same time, but also said that I was his favorite woman in this life. In the face of my husband’s cry, I like a wooden figure, recall these years and my husband experience bit by bit, I even have the heart of death. I went to college with my husband and I had both political integrity and talent. I could have continued my postgraduate and doctoral studies at the university. However, I was afraid that my love would become weak after being separated from my husband for a long time. I think, true love a person should give everything for the other side, these years, I am willing to do the husband behind the victory of the woman, did not expect, the usual husband career, I became a kick. I begged my husband not to have a career in politics, but only to be loyal to him, and I could fight with him in another city with my children. However, my husband just hid his head and beg女子徵信社ged me to let him go. Love a person love to forget me really wrong? What should I do? Private detective: love, is often met in the spring breeze complacent, but will highlight a person’s true temper. Your husband is a greedy, unconscious-minded man who is extremely selfish and unwilling to make any sacrifices in the face of true love. Divorce is really a great thing, but don’t exaggerate the loneliness after the divorce, once, you love for him, he always feel taken for granted and showed a state, it does not matter now, you have to take out “when you don’t love him, he is nothing ‘point of view, let me from now on all about he showed it doesn’t matter. When a ‘mistaken’ true love reveals a truth, quickly let myself come to. He is a coward, in the face of the old woman forced marriage is not because of love the old woman, but because the old woman than you have a trick, he know your mercy, and not h婦幼徵信社BLOGis unit at the meeting, to that end, he in order to preserve the status quo of social position, and would want to marry a big more than 20 years old and he does not love a woman, she is not willing to elope with you ‘ ‘. Or maybe your expectations for the marriage are too high, and unfortunately, you’ve met a man who doesn’t appreciate it. Appreciate your dedication to love, appreciate your attitude to love, appreciate your pay for the family, not you silly, but you meet the wrong person. You are still young, the road in the future is still very long, I believe that a woman like you will have a lot of good men rare you, waiting for you, so, no need to tangle, the early end of this marriage, back pack, alone on the road, to find the real belong to you rely on. Do not regret I have to pay, because the most important life is to be worthy of the heart. Although the marriage failed, but you defeated the女子國際徵信 peace of mind.

Beijing hua zhen investigation company is a professional Beijing private detective company which started earlier

雲林徵信社推薦Beijing China detective investigation company is a professional Beijing detective company with an early start. Private detective investigators need high-quality investigators with first-class service level. They are from the domestic well-known investigation company (group) and from the peer detective company; The company also has a group of senior lawyers composed of professional advisory team. They are familiar with the working procedures of the industry and they have many years of experience in the relevant industry. In all aspects of the cust彰化徵信社推薦omer do not worry, we will give you a satisfactory answer. Beijing commercial investigation private detective (or Beijing private detective) specific business scope includes the following aspects: Beijing extramarital affair investigation, Beijing private detective investigatwomanyoung.com.twion, Beijing private detective investigation, whereabouts investigation, marriage investigation (extramarital affair investigation) and other related business. Address: Beijing huazhendiaocha.com 400-651-1181 fax: 400-651-118 mobile: 13701083772 (manager zhao) address: www.hu南投徵信社推薦azhendiaocha.com

How do private detectives investigate and collect evidence about extramarital affairs?

BNB盈幣寶Many people like to pursue stimulation, even after marriage is no exception, such as looking for small three, raise small honey. A lot of people hurt their partner when they do something that they think is exciting, so how do you gather evidence when you have an affair? Here are some common and relatively easy ways for privateBITCASE盈幣寶 investigators to gather evidence: 1. Photographs. 2. Video: various videos showing the extramarital relationship between the spouse and an extramarital partner; 3. Recording: recording that can prove that the spouse has extramarital affair with a third party, such as the spouse’s admission of extramarital affair with the thirBCH盈幣寶d party during the conversation with the spouse; 4. Text messages: extramarital messages between a spouse and a third party, sometimes between the spouse and himself or the third party and himself, can be retained as evidence of the extramarital affair. However, due to the characteristics of text messages, first, it is difficuADA盈幣寶lt to save, second, it is difficult to directly prove the sender and receiver of text messages, so some special measures need to be taken to retain, and some auxiliary evidence may be needed to prove the fact of extramarital affairs. If the above is not easy to collect, you can turn to a private investigator for help and a law搬磚yer for advice.

The girlfriend had a box of condoms in her purse

全新全球指數-盈幣寶Suddenly insomnia, for a long time no such, for whom no such a long time, perhaps it is no intention of an unimportant thing, even a piece of ripples. I wish!!!! Thought that the year is too confused, has been numb, indifferent, but I still so narrow-minded, so not magnanimous so immature so…… Shenzhen more than ten years of life, ups and downs of life also experienced half a year, although not into a brilliant, but also lead the carefree and comfortable, although the feelings of failure, all the way to stumble, but still believe that tomorrow will still be sunny! Maybe it is stupid, maybe it is always the right time to meet the wrong person, private detective maybe I don’t understand the amorous feelings, don’t understand your romance, maybe you think I don’t care about you, don’t know how to hold your hand tightly, maybe… Always let miss experience, pain, also relieved. Not don’t want to hold your hands, is the temperature of your hands, the breeding ground for the seeds of hesitation and see, we contact time is not long, but always have the feeling of deja vu, you still retains the plain immediately attracted me, I ignored your role, even forget yourself, instantaneous completely fallen; The rhythm頂級風控 重重加密-盈幣寶 of the storm, let me really feel – uncle also has spring! That day you are frank, did not hesitate to go to tea together let me feel like a spring breeze long lost; Although there are so many people, I also feel your wordless information transmission, happily enjoying the refreshing afternoon tea, your every smile, let the tea bowl in the tea particularly enchanting, your every eye let the aged pu ‘er pale…… Sentient beings I intentionally don’t you think you so fast back, am I afraid of embarrassing gaffe, deliberately about more than a few friends to have dinner, eat when really, really scared me, uncle wriggle up unconsciously, my uncle is experienced ups and downs, but your passion let me by surprise, both excited and nervous, I don’t know what to do, maybe you drink too much when I was eating, bold to vindicate you let I feel a bit stupid, careless I surface, in fact heart has one of the few men is exquisite, the key that moved me you accurate, and blow namely, I don’t even have a “space”, I haven’t really thought about how to avoid it. Everything just like the storm came, came leisurely, came so violently, came so magnanimous, came so naturally…… Several times of contacts are elated, contact 專業區塊鏈團隊-盈幣寶more understanding is more, everything in the sweet! You talked about your bloody past, let me some love some glad, glad you meet people not shu, glad we met beautiful, you said you don’t love will be completely put down, very thoroughly put down!!! I could not help but carefully look at the arms of you, you said is so serious, so relaxed, looking at your face looking at your eyes, I have a little confused, but also some comfort, pay attention to the moment of talent is a wise person, may have a happy life; People who dwell on the past, always in the shadow of the past, will never be happy in life. You once drink too much to say to me: “we broke up, our future relationship is not that it does not matter.” well, you drink too much to say I do not your true feelings, I do not think, do not take seriously. Today you suddenly asked me, after our relationship will become no matter? I’m surprised! I know you today by the former friends made particularly unhappy, especially wronged, I can let you put the dissatisfaction and unhappy vent to me here, but you throw garbage without a knife, with a knife you do not have to stab your closest people. Most of your friends are male and all I can say is that I don’t really 頂級投資 雄岸基金-盈幣寶care. You cry for the injustice of a male friend of irrelevant, I feel distressed at the same time also have a few displeasure, what friend can give you so big injustice and you still can endure so long? After the association can not put you, every day want to be bored with you together, have nothing to be bored with, just want to be bored with. Do not know how to say the thing of set, you say your birthday, a friend sent a dozen set, I am particularly surprised, this resembles the plot in a certain TV play, perhaps is the uncle cannot keep up with the fashion, perhaps the uncle’s times cannot keep up with the pace, I am very surprised. Eased the mood, asking is bestie sent it? You have not answered, I also know or a man sent, I really have a little hypoxia feeling, you said has been put in the carry-on bag in a box nearly a year, I on the spot one by one suffocated! Although I was born as a teacher, I don’t have so much culture and can’t learn from western gentlemen. They should put a condom in their lover’s bag to protect themselves from harm. As a man, they can’t protect their lover. Even if there is such an unfortunate day, I will join hands with my lover to get justice. I will never let my lover go and盈幣寶Bingbon-臨時合約地址 let her suffer.

Private detective, the schoolgirl threw herself at me

屏東徵信社推薦I know that there are a large number of schoolgirls who adore and even like me because of the individuality and excellence of the lectures; but a teacher who can bear the adoration of her pupils, and therefore apply it, seems to me mean. So I don’t have a lot to do with my current students. Su wen is my former student, once graduated work for a long time has been 29 years old, she works in a large Japanese capital company, but not like today’s ordinary small white collars like the city, she likes, is to study ancient myths, for this, she often to me this ancient literature teacher for advice. As soon as we asked for advice, we had to call each other frequently. Su wen often said that she had disturbed me, and then asked me to have dinner or coffee. In practice, su wen is a typical man dream lover appearance, she reminds me, “the book of songs” in the water side of the woman, that is, she, so, when she said she disturbed me, she did not know, received her phone call and answer any of her questions, is my most favorite thing. She is a person who has no sense of direction. Every time she goes out, she basically does not recognize anything. She always clutches my arm tightly, as if without me, she has no backbone, and she will be lost in the glass of the city. Have to mention my wife, she is a French cosmetic company in Shanghai’s public relations manager, competent, high income, meticulous, proving that I often feel I am beside her is her “Mrs.” she is my “Sir”, she respect my knowledge, exterior宜蘭徵信社推薦 appearance a few some dismiss my income. Su wen, on the other hand, could do very well in the company she started. She must have her talent. Besides, she was very meek and knew how to act petulantly. Wait to buy a sheet to sit on *** car cent, she can lean in my bosom like a kitten, the face is pressed in my chest, I hug her, have a normal man to wonderful woman’s hope, I want to kiss her, more can imagine this woman’s delicate skin has how elastic. I basic didn’t look at her, however, more can’t look straight into her eyes, because another voice prompt me, seven years, seven years Su Wen constantly regard me as her idol and flesh life mentor, if I were to move her, not only broke through a student to teacher’s respect and admiration, also destroye台東徵信社推薦d the ethics laws, it really is gain and loss for me. So I just pat su wen, hope she had a good dream, can be in my arms. In April this year, I went to nanjing with Su Wen, she and I were invited to participate in an ancient literature seminar, on both sides of the shanghai-nanjing expressway, there are vast of oleander in full bloom, white pink, as in the wind, the car stopped on the way to rest, I went out of the car with Su Wen lounge, the two of us a cup of iced coffee, with two crowded with straw, head to head in a drinking cup, much like a couple close, but I know that we are not, we or two strains oleander is south in April, just, one pink, one white, I color of flowers blossom forever forever, This life we can only be like this, their fragra警民徵信社BLOGnce, each other!

I suffered terribly after I became an official

盈幣寶-什麼是差價合約槓桿I suffered terribly after I became an official. I have a very dishonored past, is the top three years of xiao SAN. 19 years old that year, as a result of young not sensible, be usual husband mature charm place absorb, muddle along did not do what should not do, did 3 times stream of people for him. At that time, his ex-wife did not divorce, I confessed that I used some little tricks to accelerate the disintegration of their marriage, finally wait for his ex-wife and his divorce, he did not forget to marry me. Early in the marriage, his ex-wife often called him to come over, the excuse is nothing more than the child was sick, the child missed his father, the child parents meeting these. I want to go with him, but the children and ex-wife are disgusted with me, I dare not go, he went to find ex-wife time I can only one person silently waiting at home. His ex-wife is not married from time to time, I know that woman is using his feelings for the children to find opportunities to get back together, but I have no way. I became more and more concerned and unbalanced. I would lose my temper when he went to see his ex-wife and children, and I would have more and more conflicts with hi盈幣寶Web及手機H5合約地址m. I used to have children from time to time, he said he wanted to take over and raise the children of his ex-wife, I do not agree. His child is twelve years old, a girl, by her mother instilled a lot of hostile thoughts towards me, I do not want to be close to her, not their own children, raised is also a white eyed Wolf. He spends more and more time visiting his ex-wife and children. At this rate, I am worried that they will remarry due to the children. Should I stop him from seeing his ex-wife and kids? What if we didn’t have kids from time to time? Should I agree that he wants his kids back from his ex-wife? Private detective reply: I once said “not all small three should play, not all the original match are wronged” such words, I do not know whether this micro blog let you think I understand. Small 3 all have the reason that become small 3, do small 3 to the girl to show understanding is not equal to support. I continue to believe that no matter how lacking in faith or moral decline, maintaining marriage stability or the desire of most people, advocating sexual liberation is only a temporary action, “hitting mistress” will always be the mainstream of society. In dwelling盈幣寶Bingbon-全球官方交流群正式上線 narrowness, the ending of haizao’s mistress dream is so bleak, and the scriptwriter is also to transmit this voice. I also wrote such a micro blog, “smart girls don’t do mistress, not smart girls can’t do mistress.” Clever girl does not do small 3, it is because do small 3 overflow risk, light criterion exhaustion youth is played for nothing by the person, heavy criterion is hit by original match street after losing one’s reputation is discarded. Few can become a positive, after becoming a positive can be very few happiness. Net friend asks me to do small 3 very easy, why to say not clever connect small 3 all can’t do? This truth is very simple, do small three is the purpose of the above, not smart girls beat the original match won’t win the man, not to do the positive position of course not small three. You were smart enough to break up the marriage. You’re lucky, too. He promised to marry you. You fall into the lucky category. According to your account, your husband values children very much. In the minds of those who value children, a marriage without children is not satisfactory. If you can’t have children of your own, marriage might be a real hassle. You are anxious to 差價合約交易-盈幣寶bingbonfind a way to have a child of your own. I think you must have three stream of regret. Even if you have your own children, it is reasonable for him to go to see them. They are all his children. I understand your concern, but you can’t stop it, and you can’t. No one will agree with you not to let him go to see the children, since it is a father’s right and obligation, he will be looked down upon instead. All you can do is ask him to take pity on you, care about your feelings, reduce the number of visits, shorten the visit time and go back early. According to the age of the child, mom and dad divorce the child should be 9 years old, 9 years old children know a lot of things. Private investigators don’t need mom to instill hostility. His offer to have the child back was probably a simple one. The mother of 12 year old child is certainly not young also, can ex-wife give up? Assuming you don’t have a child and your ex-wife is willing to give up, I suggest you consider accepting the child. A husband will appreciate it if he accepts a child. It will reduce the amount of time he spends with his wife. There must be difficulties with your children, and you need time and love to overcome【盈幣寶】手續費優惠公告 their hostility.

Happiness is doing what you love

Happiness is doing what you love. Shortly after returning from France, I heard that a friend’s house was flooded in the heavy rain a few days ago. The friend’s tone was calm, as usual, laughing, not like a home just flooded, causing hundreds of thousands of losses. [private detective] smiled and said he was really optimistic and could laugh at anything. The friend smile to ask [private detective] : “this time don’t smile, difficult way cry?” He moved out the words [private investigator] used in his blog a few days ago, “happiness comes when you can eat, sleep and laugh. You said it.” I always admire this friend, although he is a few years younger than [private detective]. More than ten years ago, he came to Beijing alone, with no money but the expectations of a poor family. No education, no job, only a family trust and a leap in the heart of the ideal. Beijing accepted him, but only in the remote suburbs, small bungalow, daily commute, meager income, unexpected cold eyes and unexpected twists and turns. When my friend first came to Beijing for two or three years, he had been living in a small bungalow with only three or four square meters in the far suburbs. The Windows in winter were not covered by wind, and the summer was extremely hot. Today’s young people can hardly imagine what a difficult situation it is, and may not have the stamina to persist in such an environment for two徵信社 or three years. 【 private detective 】 admire this friend not because of his perseverance and hard work, but in difficult circumstances showed optimism. At that time [private detective] did not know him, and by the time he got to know him, he had already passed the most difficult stage and established himself in Beijing. Often listen to others about his experience and story, often hear those bitter past, always touched the heart of the most soft part, or moved, or be inspired. Other friends talked about his experience at that time, feel most is his smile, no matter what time, he will always be the most really smile to others, never seem to know sorrow, no matter can floored him, though his behind have a poor family, there are two sister waiting for him to earn money for their study, even though every month pay the rent and send money home, he often doesn’t even have money to buy a steamed bread… After a few years, he read a book for younger sister, picked up the study that oneself interrupt again, read a university in Beijing, during 4 years of study all the time did not interrupt big and small work, bought a not big house to parents in hometown, oneself also bought a two-bedroom outside Beijing 5 annulus, and became a home. [private detective] never heard him talk about these things, but all his friends who knew him were very interested in these things, who could buy two houses婦幼徵信社 with the money they earned in their spare time while studying, and who might have a family. That was seven or eight years ago, when housing prices weren’t that high, but it wasn’t easy to make a home in Beijing by copying manuscripts and working as a tutor. A friend who knew the situation said that during the four years of study, he wrote more than 2,000 articles, three novels and taught more than 100 students. How can we do so many things well in the ordinary day and night? Maybe only he knows. At that time, many people thought that he insisted on finishing college for the purpose of seeking a formal job or a career as an officer. However, no one thought that his friend who had been born at the age of five did not find a job after graduation from college. He kept his diploma in a drawer and started a new struggle. Only then did the people around him realize that he was studying for a dream in the center of his life, not for fame or career. In the second year after his graduation from college, the [private detectives] met by chance because of their work, and since then, they have had a particularly good impression on him, especially the calm and gentle smile that always ripples on his face, which is indicative of youthful vitality and a kind of visible plain and real courage. Two years ago, he owned a bigger house in Beijing, had his own company, had a lovely child, and had a hap婦幼徵信社BLOGpy life with struggle. A few days ago, I had a meeting with him about his company, because of its small size, heavy tax burden and poor efficiency, but he still wanted to keep on doing it, even though the current benefits were far less than what he would earn if he went out to do a job. [private investigator] smiled and said he could go out and do a job like a professional manager, with a salary of $1 million a year and no need to worry about big or small things in the company. He shook his head with a smile. “there are so many young kids in the company. [private detectives] have to keep doing it.” Speaking of his current life, he is very satisfied: “parents are healthy, children are obedient, husband and wife are harmonious, [private detective] just need to do a good job, cook dinner at home at night, feed the young people in the company, have time to spend with the family, can let the child lie in his bosom every day, such simple life is very good. A year to earn a dozen or twenty omnipotent live steadfast, why must go to force a million?” When he said this, the smile on his face was the same as before, which made [private detective] feel that he was a few years older, but he did not think clearly and live clearly. As one blogger said, when I was young, happiness was very simple, and when I grew up, simplicity was very happy. In fact, a happy life is to do the most simple things徵信社費用 in your heart.

The wife is not a virgin. Whose is it?

USDTLast year, we met in one early autumn afternoon, she is very tall, looks very strong, ha ha, I am a thin man, should be able to put it this way, I’m online, she works in a station, be very happy to talk about that day, then slowly development down, well years ago we got married), all very happy, by the way, I am conservative and know her before has always been a virgin, though occasionally seen some Japanese small action, but there was no real private detective and women happened anything, she is my first time, is also my first. I like her very much and love her. — — — — — before meeting her at the time, my father is cancer, in the hospital management, but I never dare to tell her the truth, for fear of also want to the old woman, hearing this, is the cancer, just break up with me directly, afraid of later days burden is heavy, although this years I earned some money, don’t worry about that, but I still afraid to tell her, afraid she like former girlfriend, the reality of this, but her mother, still put forward to buy a house,TRX not to buy a house is to not let married, in the end I agreed to buy the house, because I can afford, so the development of our smoothly down, Maybe is an act of god, the father has always been very concerned about my marriage, I was 27.8 years old, and still didn’t talk about into a, there has been no back like to let him see, so in recent years, the father often angry with me, sulking and air quality over the years is very bad, my father didn’t read any book since I was a child, can’t distinguish fog haze, although a few times says haze days don’t go out with him, but he still stubborn said yourself to exercise, let us all a wry smile. So unfortunate thing happened, and my father is late lung cancer, but unfortunately surgery, chemotherapy, only when I meet with her, is the father’s last few days, but in the final days of his father in the intensive care unit in the rescue, said she wanted to see for the first time, I didn’t let her go, always in great fear that she might know the truth, heel I break up, I stopped, then father iOKBnto the intensive care unit, already dying, his mother said she would come to, is you can’t run, not you want to leave and do not leave, later that night, I saw my parents take it for the first time she thought that is in the province two hospital intensive care unit, She didn’t have any angry, has been to comfort my mother and I, mother also very happy, I meet a lot of in the heart, I think in this life is her, because she is still in the day before her mother to buy a house, and then in her way home, she said still take money to give your father a doctor first, let’s talk about the first, etc. These things in the past, say other, this is great, I did not say what, but that night, his father walked. When she got home and found out on the phone, she was scared. I reassured her that it was ok. He also said that the father was satisfied that he had seen his daughter-in-law. Later, after my father’s funeral at home, I kept in touch with her. She did not say goodbye to me, but still wanted to stay with me. I decided to buy a house and NEObuild our love nest. Remember before marriage was still in love, one day, she suddenly said to me, she grew up under the inflammation, how many years, went to the hospital to have seen a lot of time, and see the doctor when you need to use things open, plug into medicine, said that if later do not bleed, needless to say I oh, I didn’t care, also smiled and said, no, you can rest assured that these things actually, her mother also told me many times, I didn’t think too much, a private investigator later we have been in a state of a kind of very happy, she became my wife, she is very nice, very polite, by the way, she is a Catholic, I later in order to marry her and into the Catholic church, we bought a house before marriage, and then to obtain the certificate, the fast 2 months before the wedding, we moved to live together, but also so let her early pregnant, began to she is very happy, she was particularly fond of children, especially want to be a mother, I often do the office, so not body row, but still pregnant with, make her hapMOLpy for a while.